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Why Raven Bodywork?

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Your body is inherently wise, 

strong & intelligent. At Raven Bodywork, I help you tune in to your own amazing body so that you can unwind, shift and heal.

I support you in honoring your body & transforming patterns of tension to increase your sense of well-being and cultivate a joyful connection with your body. During your massage & bodywork session, I follow the lead of your unique body.  I use my training & experience to facilitate release of your pain, stress & fatigue, unwind restrictions, encourage fluid patterns of movement, and support your body in healing from trauma.  I help you to relax, slow down, and connect with your body in powerful ways that support transformation toward healing & wellness. 

My massage practice is consent based, trauma informed, ability aware, gender inclusive, size affirming & fat positive. You will never be shamed for your physical appearance, movement abilities, physical and/or mental differences, or life experiences and background.  I encourage you to never apologize for your body. 


Your body is good.  And I know that massage therapy & bodywork can help you to thrive! 



My Services


Alex B.

Excellent. Gabriel is professional & intuitive. They are able to address pain related issues and relieve acute pain. The studio is immaculate & it is a very calm and relaxing place. I highly recommend them.

Natasha C.

Gabriel's ability to work with the fascia & underlying muscle is amazing. They somehow knows where to work for the deep release of old tensions & misaligned structural habits. I love going & feel the somatic shifting is always given with great compassion. The atmosphere is relaxed & professional and the service timely & warm.

Tammy S.

This was an amazing release of stress & holding. Gabriel is a pro at tuning in to your aches and knowing just how to get you up & moving, virtually pain free!