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“Taylor is a godsend. Arguably one of the best massages I’ve ever had. He’s not afraid to use pressure which I really appreciate, but is extremely tuned in to tender spots that might need a gentler touch. I actually had a hard time getting off the massage table after because I was so relaxed.” - Nico B.

"Getting massage from Gabriel is much more than a typical massage, because Gabriel has the knowledge, skill and intuition of a healer.  Gabriel is aware of the physical and emotional aspects of massage. They customize their massages to meet my needs each time I see them, from relaxation and calming after an emotional time, to muscular relaxation and reinvigoration without too much muscle release when I'm training for a race. Overall- Gabriel provides amazing personalized body work and really cares about their client's health and well being!  Their massages are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating."   -Claire L.

"From the intake to the treatment plan, Taylor was friendly, professional and made sure I was educated about my options. He left space for me to reflect and empowered me to set boundaries about my body. Taylor's natural instinct with muscles and anatomy gave me confidence in a vulnerable setting,  I was impressed by his application of nuanced pressure as he addressed my specific concerns.  I felt comfortable exposing gender affirmation surgical scars which let me have a more relaxed and holistic experience. 10/10 " - Hans

"Gabriel is the best massage therapist I've had so far. They focus and concentrate on specific areas. I felt very relaxed and healed just after one session. Even with deep tissue massage they ask how much pressure is enough or if you need more. Definitely recommend them."  

-Sherry K.

"I always leave feeling whole and new again!"   -Tara S.

"Gabriel is an amazing massage therapist! I've had several good massages in my life but there is just something special about them. I was having lower back pain and after their massage I was so very relaxed and the pain was totally gone. I usually feel better after a massage but to have this pain completely disappear in an hour was more than I expected and pretty incredible. I also had a lot of tension in my shoulders that I wasn't aware of until the massage that they also completely relieved. Gabriel is a very kind, calming presence and creates a soothing, healing, relaxed environment. I will definitely be seeing them again and can't recommend them highly enough."   

 -Jen H.

"I have had multiple sessions with Taylor and was so impressed with his professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail. Taylor is a great listener and very conscientious about my needs and concerns and so knowledgeable, not to mention, very strong! He is capable of any massage depth that you like whether you’re there for relaxation or injury treatment. So grateful to have such good care! :)" -Anna U.

"Gabriel is an amazing practitioner. Very professional and in-tune with the body."  -Rochelle F.

"Gabriel is an intuitive massage therapist - they really listen with curiosity and pay attention to their clients. In responding to symptoms, they seem to find the underlying issues and creates deeper healing."   -Jill M.

"The space is very cool and relaxing and always clean and calming. I love Gabriel's music choice too."   -Shannon H.

"Gabriel has a natural skill and ability to find the space of healing attuned to what I need and where I'm at. When I see them, they hold space for the peace I need to find comfort in the moment--both emotional and physical. Gabriel intuitively reads the deeper messages from my body's holding, tension and physical patterns to use massage to coax release and nurture ease within my body. Seeing them is a gift to myself."   -Darcy S. 

"I love the decor and the transportive quality of the massage suite, Raven has a calm and easeful presence and they work with acute specificity when required."   -Brent W.

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