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In this style of massage, I tune in to the interconnected layers of fascia and muscle throughout your body, and follow their lead to help you shift and release patterns of tension and restriction. Fascia is connective tissue that wraps around our muscles, organs & bones. All of the fascia in our body is interwoven, and fascial restrictions in one area can impact other areas. By identifying and targeting specific muscles, ligaments and tendons, and 'listening' to the patterns of restriction and flow, I am able to identify and help your body unwind restrictive patterns. I follow the lead of your body so that it can shift at its own pace. This work can be either intense or gentle, and is often both deeply therapeutic & relaxing.


In order to connect more deeply and intentionally with your fascia, myofascial release is done without oils or lotions. It is slower and more specific than other massage modalities, while also impacting the entire body through your fascial system. I have received extensive training in this style of massage, and it is highly effective for a wide variety of complaints, including injury and surgical recovery, chronic pain, mobility issues, and general relaxation.

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