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Should I take my clothes off? What about draping?

  • We encourage each of our clients to undress to the level of their own comfort. For some, this means removing all of their clothing, and for others it means leaving on most of their clothing. Whatever choice you make about undressing is completely up to you. 

  • For myofascial release work, which is done without oils or lotions, we can easily work through layers of clothing, especially if you choose clothing that is soft and pliable (ie it is easy to work through sweatpants or leggings but not jeans). 

  • For massage done with oil or lotion, we will only be able to work on skin that is exposed. 

  • If you do choose to undress partially or completely, you will always be covered by a sheet throughout the massage, except in the areas where we are working.

What am I supposed to do during a massage? 

A massage is your time, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Healing, processing and relaxing look different for different people. It is perfectly ok if you: lie still and quiet; move around and wiggle; talk about what you are experiencing; don’t talk at all; cry or laugh or shake; fall asleep; or any number of other things.

What if I want more or less pressure, experience discomfort, or want my massage therapist to change something they are doing?

  • It is important to always communicate about any discomfort you feel and to be sure to tell us about any pain you are experiencing. Massage should not be painful. If a pressure or position is making you hold your breath, clench your toes, or tighten up in any way, please let us know so that we can adjust. 

  • During the massage, we check in to make sure that the treatment styles and the level of pressure are working for you. We pay attention to your non-verbal cues, and also encourage you to tell us verbally if you want more or less pressure, more or less in a specific area, and/or to give us any feedback that will improve your experience. 

Do people talk during sessions?

  • Some people like to talk about what they are experiencing in their sessions, and some like to chat a little about their lives. Others like to be completely silent throughout the massage. You can do whatever works best for you, and we will follow your lead.

  • As we mentioned above, we will check in to make sure that the level of pressure and style of massage are working for you, and we encourage you to speak up and let us know if you want something to change at any time during the massage

How often should I receive a massage?

This depends on your body - every body has different needs at different times. If you are experiencing acute pain, dealing with an injury, or working through chronic pain, it is great if you are able to come in once a week. Coming in once a week or every other week is also an amazing way to support your body and nervous system and practice preventative health care. For some people, every three weeks or once a month feels like the best way to meet the needs of their body. If you come in for massages more than a month apart, you start to lose the cumulative effects to some degree. Any amount of massage can be beneficial, however, and each person’s body and needs are different, so ultimately this question is up to you!  

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