Image by Nikita Tikhomirov




Gabriel Raven Goldberg*, LMT

* Specializing in Myofascial Listening and Release
* Trained in Lymphatic Massage
* Licensed in Intra-Oral Massage
* Certified in Breast Massage

Becoming a massage therapist has been a vital part of my own journey toward a positive, joyful, and thriving relationship with my body. Like so many others, I was steeped in body-negative messages, images and experiences while I was growing up. I internalized a lot of shame and pain in my own body. When I chose to become a bodyworker, it was a part of my path toward treating myself gently, prioritizing what feels good, and connecting with my own deep and intuitive body knowledge. Now, I have the great honor of helping other people discover what is possible in their own bodies. I am delighted that I am able to create a container for healing that is inclusive and body positive, and to offer my clients the opportunity to connect with their bodies in liberatory ways. 


I strive to create a practice where people of all sizes, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, ages and abilities can experience healing. I know that my own identities influence how I am able to show up in my massage practice, and I am committed to understanding and unpacking the privileges I hold and the oppressions I experience. I am queer identified, non binary person (they/them pronouns). I am a white person, and I am continually in the process of healing and understanding my own racial identity so that I can hold an actively anti-racist lens. I live with a chronic health disorder, though in many circumstances I have able-bodied privilege. I live in a relatively thin body. I believe, deeply, that my own liberation is tied up with liberation of all oppressions, and I continually work to create a practice that promotes healing and thriving for all of my clients.

Before I was a bodyworker, I worked on a crisis line with survivors of domestic violence and as a Prevention Educator with middle and high school students, discussing issues of dating violence, bullying and healthy relationships. As an educator, facilitator and advocate, I deepened my skills in listening and holding space for people, and I gained a clear understanding of the impacts of trauma. I also developed an appreciation for the complexities and vital importance of practicing consent. 


I have been a dancer all my life, and I bring my love of movement to my bodywork practice. In addition to joyfully practicing multiple forms of dance, I enjoy bike rides, long walks, home weight lifting sessions, and exploring new kinds of physical activity whenever I can. I am aware of the ways in which we sometimes push our bodies doing the things we love, and my bodywork practice is a place where I have learned to slow down and move from a place of deep connection with my body. 


From 2014-2015, I received an excellent and comprehensive education in massage therapy at the Discovery Point School of Massage in Seattle, WA. Subsequently, I completed a year long mentorship in myofascial techniques, and additional training and certification in intra-oral and full chest/breast massage. I have been working as a licensed massage therapist since 2015, and opened Raven Bodywork in 2017.

* I am working on a legal name change; the name on my licenses continues to be Rebecca Goldberg.